Solutions that reflect your needs…

The design approach of the DIRTT solution allows for the creation of completely new and unique configurations. There is full and complete freedom of design across aesthetic, functional, and technological boundaries. Fundamentally, DIRTT is committed to provide solutions that reflect the needs of the client in every way, as strongly at original install as through the passage of time. The downstream agility of the solutions is just one of the profoundly strategic benefits of the DIRTT approach.

Check out this quick 3-minute video that compares standard construction methods to a DIRTT installation.

More Bonuses  

Check Out Your URL DIRTT Environmental Solutions offer innovative, cost effective, timely and state-of-the-art design opportunities. We’ve compiled these points to help you understand some of the reasons DIRTT solutions are advantageous and beneficial to your product needs:

Financial Advantages

  • Using ICE Software, understand exactly what is being purchased, compare apple-to-apple costs, and protect assets by ensuring all viable parts and pieces are used during reconfigurations.
  • DIRTT installations enjoy low labor costs, will save you money during reconfigurations, and change orders are easy.
  • Conventional construction prices are notorious for changing during a project. DIRTT enjoys stable pricing.
  • You can source the glass locally for the best price and added community stimulus.

Environmental Benefits

  • With DIRTT solutions, fewer materials are used, there’s less waste and controlled recycling is available.
  • Precise modular size means extra pieces aren’t required. We can even work around your legacy furniture, fixtures and equipment.
  • ICE Software alleviates human error, meaning no manufacturing mistakes and a design that creates the best and optimal module size for the space.
  • Show your stakeholders the exact amount of waste and energy saved vs. conventional construction with ICE software programs.

Time Savings

  • Move-in times are proven to be 33% faster with DIRTT solutions, and 300% faster when it comes to reconfigurations.
  • Drawings are completed in days, not weeks – furthermore, no time is lost translating drawings into SKUs for ordering.
  • Plug and play cabling is available for fast installations and changes.
  • Did we mention really, really fast reconfigurations?

Resource and Design Advantages

  • Your future space will be completely unique and perform above your expectations.
    • With renderings instantly available in ICE Software, you’ll feel confident in your decisions – you can even see a graphical fly-through of your space.
      • You can provide valuable resources to your stakeholders to make sure they are on board.
        • DIRTT comes with a great warranty!