North Education Center - New Hope, Minnesota

North Education Center - New Hope, Minnesota The North Education Center (NEC) in New Hope, Minnesota needed a flexible plan to support the unique learning needs of its students. Seventy percent of the student population at the NEC has special needs. The NEC is at the forefront of meeting these students academic and emotional challenges.

buy neurontin canada Using DIRTT, the NEC meets the diverse needs of the students enrolled, providing safe and effective learning environments that will go a long way toward helping them build a successful future. “It’s a healthy environment,” says facilities director Tom Shultz. “The solutions we put into this building will really make a difference in these kids’ lives.”

best free dating sites that work One of those solutions were Write Away Walls for each classroom. Write Away Walls provide interactive whiteboard technologies. “I’ve noticed a difference in my happiness,” said Bill Rehfuss, a teacher at the school. “When you give the kids more allowances to get up and use the boards instead of sitting at their desks with worksheets, they seem more excited about coming in.”