Detroit Medical Center, Detroit, Michigan

Detroit Medical Center

from this source At hospitals and other healthcare facilities, space and beds available matter. The Detroit Medical Center wanted a better way to monitor emergency room patients with relatively mild symptoms. The answer was creating a dedicated observation unit where patients could stay up to 24 hours under observation.

buy Lyrical dance costumes online The hospital identified a space used for physical therapy overflow and storage that could become this new valuable space.

college dating san francisco On top of the challenge of transforming the space, the considerations of construction in an open, working hospital was a concern. The Detroit Medical Center team expected the schedule with DIRTT to match conventional construction. They were delighted to find they actually saved 30 much-needed days.

women seeking men kansas city backpage The performance and look of the space is welcomed by the patients and staff in the unit. “We’ve got great aesthetics,” said John Miller, architect on the project. “We’ve got this natural light coming into the unit. We also integrated some wall sconces into each of the patient care areas so that after hours we have non-clinical, low level, comfortable light in there for these patients and staff. So it’s a cool unit.”